Anyone can come to Oriconet for both individual and group activities. Own themes can be submitted.

Oriconet offerings include:

  • Laughter & Breathing Workshops
    Increasing life and job satisfaction, functioning more efficiently, bullying behavior viewed differently, channeling emotions, weight control, etc....
  • Team Building
    Outside the regular work, school or living context in a relaxed atmosphere, rediscover the added value of each team member.
  • The Smile Class
    Silent & whisper interactions: increasing wakefulness through silent and nonverbal communication.
  • Laugh fit
    Fitness for Lazy People. Still making the desired difference with simple efforts.
  • Webinars
    Workshops via Teams of Zoom
  • Flash mobs
    More info on request.
  • Laugh along on my No-Mystery Tour
    Interactive laughter performances throughout Flanders and the Netherlands.


During all activities, this simple rule applies:

"Not satisfied? Smile back!"

For quote, booking or additional info contact:

Gerda Maria Hendrickx

Love-Laugh-Lifestyle promotor